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Friday, September 22, 2006

FW: [PraiseNews] Heart of the matter - 2 Teleconferences Update

Wanted to pass this on for those who are interested in learning more about
baptism in the Holy Spirit there's information following about the
teleconference starting next week as well as the new study series starting
on Saturday

-----Original Message-----
[] On Behalf Of Ministry
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2006 2:29 PM
To: Ministry
Subject: [PraiseNews] Heart of the matter

/-------- Marriage Healing International-------------------
is a full time, not-for-profit ministry that earnestly needs
the prayer support of those who share our hunger to reach
those who are in need for the reconciling power of the
gospel, the ministry which God appointed to us. Jehovah God
is our Provider and always has and always will provide for
our every need according to His riches in glory. We offer
this ministry according to the principle found at Matthew
10:8 We accept offerings of love as led by the Holy Spirit
but do not sell anything nor have any expectation of
financial support from anyone we serve.

Important Notices

- For those who contacted us requesting to participate in
training concerning the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we
wanted you to know we haven't forgotten. We plan to
have this training next Tuesday, 26 Sep starting at
8:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. We will e-mail you
the details. If you are interested but have not yet
signed up, please visit: http://MarriageHealing.ORG/hg.php

- We have a possible temporary job for any stay at
home parent who can type relatively fast. If you are
interested, please contact the ministry and let us know.

Praise Reports

I have been standing for my marriage for 7 months, which
feels like 2 years. I have been struggling not understanding
why my husband has been treating me like he never knew me.
We have not been speaking, nor has he returned any emails or
letters to me. On July 3rd, my husband called to see if my
son, his stepson, could spend the night with him this past
Friday. Well after my son returned from his night with my
husband. My son told me that he saw pictures of another lady
holding my husand amongst other pictures of friends. He also
said he saw a letter on his table that read I'm sorry.. and
that is all my son could remember except the letter was
signed Elizabeth.

This news discouraged me. My son was actually going to spend
the night again Saturday night and they were to go night
fishing. The weather eneded up getting bad and my son called
to cancel. We ended up driving to my husbands house to get
his clothes, etc... and when we arrived my husband came out
and spoke to me for while. As we were getting ready to
leave, I asked him if I could give him a kiss on his check.
He let me and he hugged me. My son screamed to him I love
you and then said mom loves you too. I immediatley said my
son's name, because I didn't want to be putting my husband
on the spot. My husband smiled said I love you too and
looked right at me as I sat in the car. I couldn't believe
my ears. He is also wearing the cross we bought him for
fathers day. God is working on my husbands heart and in our
marriage. We just have to remember it is all in his timing.
If you rely completely on God he will bring you through it,
when you least expect it. I continue to pray for my husands
salvation and the healing of our marriage. God Bless you.

Melony M., South Carolina

To all of you at MHI...
THANK YOU... My gratitude is endless... I would like to let
you know that since I have entered your website & continued
to pray for the needs of others. My heart started breaking
out for the many other families who are hurting, I cry out
for their pain. As I started to seek God each day in prayer,
I felt God's presence intensify each time and I want to
share with you the JOY... of being set free from adultery.

I no longer have the desire to see that other man, I text
him that it was over & that it was time, we both move on
with our lives. Sometimes, I pass through each day with
thoughts of remorse and regrets. I still battle in my mind
on negative thoughts and fears but I am learning each day
because I believe Our God is Greater than anything... I
still ask that you continue to cover me in prayers as I move
on towards my total restoration. I look forward to serving
God & getting back into ministry... for His Glory...

Our God is an awesome God! He is a Deliverer, Sanctifier,
Restorer...our everything... I woke up today, feeling no
desire but to serve God. I sent my Prayer Request last July
05, 2006 and for how much prayers each of you have poured on
to me; oh, I am forever grateful... My husband called up and
I savored every moment of listening to his voice. He spoke
to our children & if God permits with our finances and
needs, we would see each other sometime in September. But he
emails & texts everyday and I am so blessed by God for his
goodness. My marriage is restored!... What joy...what joy...
what JOY... Thank you... Thank You... THANK YOU... to JESUS
my restorer, to all the intercessors & staff & founder of

To those who has not yet received their healing... do not be
discouraged... Keep fighting... God is Faithful... God Bless
You All... To Him belongs All Glory & Honor...

Imelda S., Philippines

The Heart of the Matter

Greetings in the name of the Mighty King...

As I turned to the Word of the Lion of the tribe of Judah
(Rev 5:5) this morning, it was impressed upon me to do
something different than I usually do. I believed it was
the Holy Spirit impressing me and after I prayed and read, I
knew it was the Holy Spirit. I'll come back to this in a
few moments.

You see, I have been seeking some help from the Lion of the
tribe of Judah and this morning He heard my cry. His Word
says "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall
search for me with all your heart." Jer 29:13

Have you ever heard the term "the heart of the matter?"
Songs have been written about that, books have been written,
plays, movies, psychological studies and there are even
organizations that call themselves "the heart of the
matter." But does that term mean? We are going to examine
that as we see what God has to say about the matter of the

Friend, the heart is central in the body. It is the most
important organ for life. You can live "brain-dead" for
years (some people actually go through life brain-dead) but
let your heart stop pumping and within minutes you are gone.

I found an interesting article written by some of the pundits
of psycho-logy that argues for the preeminence of the brain.
While its true that the brain is complex, critical and very
powerful, it pales in comparision to the heart.

The Lord puts this in perspective for us with the simplicity
of this statement:

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the
issues of life. Pro 4:23

Yes, the Lord has much to say about the matter of the heart.
This is a subject which we must, "with all our getting get
understanding" about. (Pro 4:7) It is crucial to our health
and victory.

It is one thing to seek for Him with all your might or with
all your mind... it's another altogether to seek for Him
with all your heart. The Master is looking for those whose
HEART is after His own. Early in the creation story we see
the situation that led to the Lord eventually bringing the
great flood and destruction upon nearly the entire population
of the earth:

And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the
earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his
heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD
that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at
his heart. Ge 6:5,6

Later after bringing judgement upon the earth the Lord says
that when Noah offered burnt offerings to the Lord that
"...the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in
his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for
man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from
his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing
living, as I have done." (Gen 8:20-21)

The heart is an extremely important matter with man and with
God. Consider your very salvation. The Word of God says
that with THE HEART man believes unto righteousness and with
the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Rom 10:10)

(This is an audio message you can listen to at our online
radio broadcast site or request via our store. Look for the
complete message this weekend...)

Health Note

The Unexpected Plague
- It is untreatable - no effective vaccine or drugs. Kills
98% of infected individuals.
- Will increase the more that modern drugs are used.
- Will likely strike developed countries more than the third
world. Hospitals will be centers for the spread of the
- Will be more likely to occur among health care workers.
- Will more likely strike dark-skinned populations first.
- And it's not HIV or the Bird Flu!

see attached file

M.H.I. Weekly Teleconferences


A reminder regarding our Saturday teleconference. If you
haven't done so, please mark your calendar and plan to be in
attendance. These teleconferences are credited by many with
changing their lives and their walk with the Lord...

Starting this week: "The Heart of the Matter"

Come fellowship, study to show yourself approved, pray,
worship and engage in a spiritual sharpening by joining us
in these exciting and interactive conferences by phone. If
you would like to attend but are unable to call, fill out
the form at this page: and we will attempt
to match you with someone who has 3-way calling and can
bring you in at no cost to yourself.

Details for the weekly teleconferences can be found at To view any days details
simply hold your cursor over that days event.

This week:

Call-in number: 1-641-297-5600
Pin No. 7773777# (must include pound key)
Start Time: 8 a.m. PST, 9-MST, 10-CST, 11-EST

Come and see what the Lord will do in YOUR life...

Know someone hurting? Tell them about this ministry:

\ / Would you like to share a gift of love?

Help us to spread the word of hope and truth...

Read back-issues of the Praise News online at:

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a poem "A Woman"

This was sent to me & I wanted to share it with you – my friends & family

"A Woman"

This is written in the Hebrew Talmud, the book
where all of the sayings and preaching of
Rabbis are conserved over time.

It says: "Be very careful if you make a woman cry,

because God counts her tears.

The woman
came out of a man's rib.

Not from his feet to be
walked on.

Not from his head to be superior, but
from the side to be equal.

Under the arm to be
protected and nex
t to the heart to be loved."

Pass this on to all exceptional women that you know..
and to men so they know the value of a wife.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

FW: Weekly Marriage Builder, September 17, 2006: They Think They Can Fool God

-----Original Message-----
From: Jimmy Evans - MarriageToday []
Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2006 1:06 AM
Subject: Weekly Marriage Builder, September 17, 2006:
They Think They Can Fool God


Presented by MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen


Dear theresa,

I was in an airport last week and noticed on a magazine cover that a
high profile celebrity couple was getting married. Of course, they
have already been living together for several years and have a child
together. Therefore, the wedding is a little anti-climactic, but
nevertheless represents a modern mentality for a growing number of
people. Many today see pre-marital sex and living together as
"intimate try-outs" to see if they are compatible enough for marriage.

Even though it might make sense to some that cohabitation and
pre-marital sex would enhance one's ability to measure his or her
compatibility with another person, it doesn't. In fact, it greatly
increases your chance of pain before marriage and problems afterwards.
Those who have cohabitated before marriage have a significantly
higher rate of divorce than those who haven't. So why doesn't it work?

First of all, there is no real commitment. The spirit of pre-marital
sex and cohabitation is primarily driven by selfishness and the desire
for instant gratification. Women especially need to realize the
dangers of these traits in their potential husbands. Even though most
women give sex to a man or live with him before marriage in order to
please him and take the relationship to a "higher" level, men have
different motives.

In cohabitation, men desire it because they get the benefits of
marriage without commitment. Even if marriage is possible in the
future, they simply try to see how well their live-in lover will take
care of them before they will commit. Since that is the spirit that
led them to the altar, even their commitment at the altar means
little. Once they find out it's not all about them, they are gone in
a majority of cases. You just can't build a marriage on the shifting
sand of selfish hearts. You also can't bring children into that kind
of relationship with the confidence that they will stay around to take
care of them.

This leads us to our next problem. It is simple, yet has a profound
impact later in the relationship. It is the fact that the purpose of
dating before marriage is to test a person's character as well as to
develop the skills of the relationship without sex. Even though it
might seem archaic to people in our day, there was a day when
pre-marital sex and cohabitation were thought of as sins and spoken of
in scandalous terms.

The reason wasn't because people of that day were not as enlightened
as the Hollywood elite of our day who have thrown away traditional
morality. The reason was because they were in fact more enlightened.
They knew that a relationship based primarily on attraction,
convenience or selfishness was doomed to failure. They understood the
harsh reality that every marriage will experience difficult times.

There will simply be times when our mates can't meet all of our needs.
There will also be times when sacrifice will be required to get
through times of sickness, financial strain and relational challenges.
In the bad times, a person's character is all that matters. Are they
a giver? Are they faithful? Are they selfish? Are they kind and
merciful? Questions like that may not matter in the good times but in
the bad times they mean the difference between success and failure.

Many a pretty bride and handsome groom have strolled down the aisle
only to experience heartache and broken dreams soon thereafter. The
problem wasn't a lack of love, sexual chemistry or potential. The
problems were simply a lack of character and the commitment necessary
to survive the inevitable challenges of married life.

The next time you see one of those beautiful celebrity couples getting
married after living together and having a baby or two, don't buy it.
They aren't fooling God or anyone who really knows anything about
marriage. Their lack of regard for God or traditional morality
doesn't make them something to be admired. It makes them something to
be pitied because they will pay a high price for their selfishness and
lack of commitment. I'm not saying this because I don't care for them
or feel like I am better than them. I'm saying it because it's true.

Godly character and commitment always precede success in marriage. No
couple is the exception.


Jimmy Evans
View this Marriage Builder online.




© 2006, MarriageToday :: PO Box 59888 :: Dallas, TX 75229

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

RE: Am I the only one with something to be thankful for today?

My Praises for the week (0;}

Saturday nite Byron & I had a money talk & even thou he didn’t want to be there & he lied about where the money has been spent, I managed to quietly point out the fact that I am trying to work with him to tend to these bills & accountability honestly as to where the money is being spent is something which he has to realize since he’s giving vague statements of there’s no money but doesn’t show where the money has gone when there’s 3 days of OT in the check anyway I pointed out that he needs to be able to keep better track of where he’s spending the money so that the needed things can be tended to

For a visual I had a fingernail which was breaking off – I finished breaking it & put it in his hand asked him is it real or is it fake? He looked at me as if I was crazy & said I don’t know… I said after a minute it’s real & I guess my point in asking you to hold it is so that you can realize that I’m not asking for anything fancy or luxury like getting my hair done or getting fake nails done every other week which is expensive

Daughter attended church with me on Sunday & although she left early she did tell me that she wanted to talk to Pastor next week – Say a prayer for my pastor I gave him the info package that Rejoice ministries sends out so that he’ll have the chance to review it & visit some of the websites about Standing & MLC – he had announced a couple of weeks ago that he was going to do a series about the “marriage minefield” so I gave him almost everything Bob & Charlyne sent to me including a copy of the Open Letter to America’s Pastors for him to keep – Pastor David Paul does a lot of traveling preaching & in addition to our church in CT he has a church in Brooklyn NY so lets pray that he’ll be lead to speak to other pastors so the message will go out to support those of us who are standing rather than calling us crazy or to just move on & find someone new

Monday nite Intercessory Prayer group was excellent & one of the girls made me cry ‘cause she said that she really loves how I’ve come into her life at a time when she needed a friend – o did the mascara run ‘cause I needed to hear that someone appreciated me that nite & I’m glad that by my Standing & raising up our group during IP nites that the idea of Standing is becoming known in this church at least & for God’s Glory

I was able to go on a secret shop on Wednesday it was a quick & easy coffee shop which will pay me $5.00 for buying a cup of coffee

Althou we’re having problem with the school bus for g-son, we’re asking the other grandparents to step up to the plate & commit to bringing him to the school since for now they’re refusing to send the school bus like they did last year & lets pray for no snow while daughter is in her last leg of classes she should be finished in early dec cause none of us are willing to go out in the snow since over in that section they take forever to plow

I sent out a slew of faxes to everyone who called yesterday to those who said NO BUS asking them to put it in writing the whys etc & what documentation are they requiring from me since I’ve not had to provide any nor was even asked for any last school year & nothing has changed from last year to this one

This noon the principal called me to ask me how was my phone calling going & I told him point blank that I sent out all of the faxes & I’m tired of this foolishness since everyone is passing the buck & now suddenly I’m being told NO BUS & I want answers in writing in reply to my faxes & then I pulled out my copy of the fax that I sent out & started reading it at which point he told me that I didn’t need to read the whole thing someone was going to bring it to him & he was going to call & if he had to go on in to some offices –

I told him to bring the faxes with him since there is a list of who I have spoken to over the course of the past 7 days but most importantly I’m holding them to their word that Any & All Absences or Tardiness will be counted as Excused & the principal stated that yes he will see to that since I did in fact have the bus last year & this is a screw up somewhere in the system –

this is the MOST Important Part more important than the bus to the house at this point is that g-son doesn’t miss out on any schoolwork or have difficulty with his attendance record being counted against him

Another Praise! God is most certainly working today

Byron called the house from his mom’s cell phone! He has never done that before!

He’s going to the store & will be picking up ink for the printer here so the small 1-2 pgs print ups that I want done I can do myself instead of always waiting for him to print them up.

The downer is that I just found out the reason that he was using the cell phone anyway was to use it to call Robin, she sent him pics of her dogs ear so I guess she’s trying to hit him up for money for the vet & Moocher Joe must’ve left her so she’s trying to play on Byron since tomorrow is payday

Say prayers folks the devil’s working hard to combat the forward movement that Byron’s been making towards home, I guess that’s where the OT$$ went from last paycheck,

( but I do wonder why Robin’s home from work at 230pm on a Friday afternoon?)

He used me as an excuse to call Robin on his mom’s cell phone, he was on the phone with her when I called 2 quick times to tell him to pick up tampons & then cigs – he went back upstairs to pull up the email which she sent him while they were on the phone

He just got here so let me get this sent off! (0;} PTL

Love your sister in Christ & Fellow Stander


-----Original Message-----

Subject: Am I the only one with something to be thankful for today?

Come on people! Am I the only person who has a praise today? It has been an entire weekend, so I know you have something to be thankful for, so...Let the PRAISE begin! :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

FW: [PraiseNews] Deceived?

Hi Brothers & Sisters & Friends & Family;


I wanted to pass this information on to you so that you might be able to share in the teachings as a valuable addition to your own bible studies.


This Ministry has a very good teaching ministry via free teleconference

Get your bible, a notebook & pen & your questions & come prepared to learn & be blessed by the teachings

There is a great load of resources on their website


I'm not sure who had asked about being filled with the Holy Spirit, but there will be a teaching about it shortly so; go to the website if you would like to be sent the information about the upcoming teaching regarding it.


I love that they ask those who have the free long distance to 3 way in a person who doesn't have that ability so as to make it possible for all who want to get the information to be able to get it freely

Soon they will be making the teleconferences available online a couple of hours after they are finished so if you are unable to join in on the call, you should be able to listen in I think that the recordings will be located on the radio broadcast page


I hope that you have a blessed day today

Love Your Sister in Christ & Fellow Stander



-----Original Message-----
From: [] On Behalf Of Ministry
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 9:52 PM
To: Ministry
Subject: [PraiseNews] Deceived?


/-------- Marriage Healing International-------------------

is a full time, not-for-profit ministry that earnestly needs

the prayer support of those who share our hunger to reach

those who are in need for the reconciling power of the

gospel, the ministry which God appointed to us. Jehovah God

is our Provider and always has and always will provide for

our every need according to His riches in glory.  We offer

this ministry according to the principle found at Matthew

10:8  We accept offerings of love as led by the Holy Spirit

but do not sell anything nor have any expectation of

financial support from anyone we serve.





Important Notices



Quite a few people have written in asking us to give

them more information about the baptsim of the Holy Spirit.

We have created a web form for YOU to fill out.  It

only takes a moment.  Once we have the list of people

who are ready to attend a training session, we will conduct

a teleconference type training for those who want to know

what God's Word teaches on this subject, understand it and

RECEIVE it!!  If you are interested go to:




Please understand we do not have unlimited time.  If you

are serious about this subject, please fill out the form

above.  We want to help everyone but this is the way we

will be able to do it... and have done before.



We need a DIGITAL video-camera to record teaching and other

material to be used in the work of the ministry. We are

sowing this camera to someone in need with the hope that the

Lord will bring in a DIGITAL video-camera that we will be

able to use for this work.




Praise Reports



I want to write today about a praise report to my prayers

for my marriage. My husband and i are actually on the road

to a successful reconciliation. With many prayers and support

from God above and never forgetting the faith I've had for the

last 8 months we are starting over a fresh clean slate. I

want to thank everyone for the prayers and i want to ask God

to bless every single marriage, family and relationship. And

for restoration. I know our Lord is a wonderful one, and He

will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank You JESUS!


Heather S., California



I praise the Lord for my life! I praise Him for my parents

dedication to attend Church and for my love of God during

that time.  The religion was there but the relationship was

missing for a long time.  For 12 years now I have

experienced the relationship with the Lord and it surpasses

anything I knew in the past to be awesome.  For this I

greatly Praise Him!


I praise Him for this Marriage Healing site and all the

people that are believing and still standing for restoration

of their marriages. (as I am)  For nothing is impossible for

the Lord.  To Him it is so simple. Through my standing in

the gap with the Lord for my marriage restoration I have

been able to encourage other couples to change their

attitude to one another, or to keep trying or most times the

Lord gives me a book to pass on.  All Glory to the Lord in

all these opportunities as I am one of his vessels to shed

His truth upon their lives. Psalms 68, Dan11:6-10


The Lord has kept me going with these and many other rhema

words.  The Lord has many highways and one is Australia.


Sandra C., Australia



A few months back I visited the MHI online ministry room and

reported that my husband had left our home and church August

5th 2005 for a job in LA, after being there a few weeks he

said he wanted to divorce. He stopped ALL communication.

After 9 long months, I let go of it all and walked away. I

filed for a divorce through the court March 13, 2006 as he

desired. I never sent the divorce papers to him, they sat on

my desk for weeks.


On April 23rd, 2006 My husband called me. He said would you

come and visit me? I said yes.  When I arrived and we stood

in front of each other and apologized for things. "He said, I

don't want the divorce." If you think God does not hear your

prayers, stopped listening/caring/or just is "unfaithful" to

you it could be 3 reasons you may have misinterpreted His

Promise, missed His answer, or gave up before God timed His



Every moment thank God! There is pain in change. We need to

change in the midst of our trial. WE need to change in the

middle of the circumstance, and trust that God will perform

His will for us!


I pray that God will continue to touch and bless this

awesome ministry! RUN to the feet of JESUS! THANK YOU




Antoinette D., California




Praise News - NEW LOOK - NEW SITE!!



We have a new and improved Praise News archive

system on line at:




you can read back issues, studies and participate in

communication with other community members.  Register





Are you Deceived?





Continuing this week:  "The Seduction of Christianity"

(part six in series)


Here's what Theresa had to say about her experience:


"I was 3-wayed into the teleconference this past Saturday

and greatly enjoyed it & look forward to this Saturday's

teleconference which I hope again I will be 3-wayed into"


And Enala from Malawi, Africa wrote::


"I just wanted to express my gratitude for three waying me

into the teleconference last Sunday. It was such a blessing

and have never exerienced anything like it before. The

teaching happened to be on a matter I had been struggling

with and the got my right to the point answers.


I was greatly blessed and I thank the Lord for getting

me in touch with the Ministry and your teachings. My life is

changed for the better and is still changing every day. I

now know what a loving saviour we have in Jesus. I really do

not take for granted the huge expense that must have been

incurred. May the Lord bless you abundantly."



If you haven't done so, please mark your calendar and plan to

be in attendance.  These teleconferences are credited by many

with changing their lives and their walk with the Lord...


Come fellowship, study to show yourself approved, pray,

worship and engage in a spiritual sharpening by joining us

in these exciting and interactive conferences by phone. For

those who must pay for long distance we suggest filling out

the form at this page: and we will attempt

to match you with someone who has 3-way calling and can

bring you in at no cost to yourself.


Details for the weekly teleconferences can be found at      To view any days details

simply hold your cursor over that days event.


This week:


Call-in number:  1-641-297-5600

Pin No.          7773777# (must include pound key)

Start Time:      8 a.m. PST, 9-MST, 10-CST, 11-EST


Come and see what the Lord will do in YOUR life...God bless you!



Know someone hurting? Tell them about this ministry:



  \    / Would you like to share a gift of love?



Help us to spread the word of hope and truth...


Read back-issues of the Praise News online at:



Friday, September 08, 2006

Are You in Need of Disconnection?

I tried to Blog This but it didn’t work so I’m emailing this in for you guys to read & take under advisement – wonder if we’re too wired?


September 1, 2006

Are you too wired? Eight sure signs you need to disconnect!

Posted by Donna Bogatin @ 6:16 am

Digg This!

DMM9106CP2.jpgI noted in “Cellphones vs. Sex: the latest dilemma” that being always-on is not always a good thing, especially when it comes to your sex life!

Atlanta residents apparently are the most at risk, Forbes crowns the city America’s “most wired”:

Home to telecommunications and Internet service providers BellSouth and EarthLink, as well as Cox Communications, the third-largest U.S. cable company, Atlanta beat several cities more closely associated with the Web, like San Francisco, Seattle and New York.

How did Forbes pin-point Atlanta for always-on honors?

Rankings factored in the percentage of Internet users with high-speed access, the range of service providers within a city and the availability of public wireless hot spots. Of the 30 cities we measured, Atlanta ranks highest in broadband access options, third in Wi-Fi access points and ninth in broadband adoption: In June, more than 80% of the city's home Internet users accessed the Web via a high-speed connection.

How about you? Are you highly wired? Maybe it is time you turned off the always-on connection for a while. Here are eight sure signs you need to unplug (just in time for a little Labor Day weekend relaxation!):


Now motorcyclists too can benefit from wireless handsfree communication… opening a whole new realm for cellular use.


Nationwide online survey of 2,119 adults - 86 percent of who have cellphones - found that 38 percent believe it acceptable to use a cellphone in the bathroom.


National Association of Theater Owners ‘have to block rude behavior’ to encourage customers to come back who have stayed home to avoid the aggravation of mobile distractions.


Cell phones and pagers are not allowed in the courtrooms or in the jury room during deliberations. All cell phones and pagers will be required to be checked with the jury bailiffs or the Court Administrator’s office.


Even using a cell phone in the bank's lobby may result in the person being asked to leave the premises…there have been holdups in which bandits were on the phone with lookouts outside while committing bank robberies.


I’m going to be liveblogging during the birth of our second child… This is just a post to get started. We leave for the hospital soon.


With potential litigation in the air, will employers start screening workers before provisioning handhelds and laptops to determine if they are workaholics and a legal risk?


As a society we will continue to grapple with the question: Which takes precedence: an incoming cellphone call, or live action activity?


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Yahoo! Messenger with Voice - Chat, Call, Share Photos, and More

The New Messenger kinda sucks
I don't know what they were thinking for the sound choices for the alerts but not only can't you hear them if you not looking at your computer but the limited choices they have to make changes really suck

what good is a buzz that can't be heard if your back is to the screen?
why can't we have the tabs like we use to have instead of the dumb plugins which take up screen space - I miss being able to click the tab at the bottom if I want to see a small version of my calendar or quickly add an event

I'm not quite happy either with the search bar on the bottom of the messenger - why is it there? why can't I have the option to just remove it? When I download the messenger default is to make yahoo both my homepage & search default so why do I have to have a search bar on my messenger?

I'd prefer that yahoo had done more to make their 360 page usable from the messenger - like the ability to copy & paste from the messenger to make an entry or like Google has the ability to "Blog This" right from their tool bar as well as give a thumbs up or thumbs down on a webpage

o well as aggravting as it is - yahoo still beats AIM hands down

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice - Chat, Call, Share Photos, and More

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

FW: Protect military funerals: Sign this petition

Ok This is just way too Outrageous!!!

Let the families grieve in peace

They have suffered enough by the loss of their child, husband or wife

It’s just plain WRONG to be doing a Protest such as this

Regardless of a person view of the politics or the reasons for the war

A soldier’s funeral is no place for public demonstration


Do what you can at the local level to bring this to the gov’ts attention & to prevent such demonstrations from happening – it should be illegal to protest publicly at any funeral but especially at a soldier’s funeral


-----Original Message-----
From: Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel []
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 10:25 AM
To: Theresa
Subject: Protect military funerals: Sign this petition



Dear Theresa,

I need your voice!

The ACLU is at it again - supporting groups that are targeting military funerals all over the country - and I need your help to stop them.

Now the families and friends of our brave fallen heroes are not only suffering the tragic loss of their loved one - they are being followed by the threat of ugly protests marring their final moments with the deceased - protests defended by the ACLU!

We cannot allow this to happen any longer!

It is imperative that we act now - but the challenge is so extensive, I am asking for your help today.

You can help protect the memory of our brave fallen soldiers by making your voice heard through a nationwide campaign!  Join our COMMITTEE TO HONOR OUR FALLEN HEROES today.

As we write legal memorandums and file amicus briefs, we'll stand for your values.  I want military families to know that tens of thousands of Americans are standing with them in honor of their loved ones.

To support these families even further, we will be urging the highest state officials to do everything in their power to protect military funerals from disruption by protestors - including passage of new laws across the country which will settle this issue once and for all - through our online PETITION TO OUR NATION'S GOVERNORS.

The ACLU appears to be conducting a systematic attack on military families who have lost loved ones, assailing their "right to grieve."  We will not rest while such outrages continue.

We are committed to dispatching lawyers as needed at military funerals targeted for protest, as well as filing amicus briefs in cases and working with city and county officials who want to help these beleaguered families.

By joining our COMMITTEE TO HONOR OUR FALLEN HEROES and adding your name to our online PETITION TO OUR NATION'S GOVERNORS, you are helping the ACLJ continue to stand firm for all of your hard-won constitutional freedoms.

The law recognizes that the First Amendment is not a "blank check."  Reasonable regulations on the time, place, and manner of speech are also constitutional, especially at an event like a funeral.

Thank you for your patriotism and faithful support of the ACLJ!


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