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Saturday, September 09, 2006

FW: [PraiseNews] Deceived?

Hi Brothers & Sisters & Friends & Family;


I wanted to pass this information on to you so that you might be able to share in the teachings as a valuable addition to your own bible studies.


This Ministry has a very good teaching ministry via free teleconference

Get your bible, a notebook & pen & your questions & come prepared to learn & be blessed by the teachings

There is a great load of resources on their website


I'm not sure who had asked about being filled with the Holy Spirit, but there will be a teaching about it shortly so; go to the website if you would like to be sent the information about the upcoming teaching regarding it.


I love that they ask those who have the free long distance to 3 way in a person who doesn't have that ability so as to make it possible for all who want to get the information to be able to get it freely

Soon they will be making the teleconferences available online a couple of hours after they are finished so if you are unable to join in on the call, you should be able to listen in I think that the recordings will be located on the radio broadcast page


I hope that you have a blessed day today

Love Your Sister in Christ & Fellow Stander



-----Original Message-----
From: [] On Behalf Of Ministry
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 9:52 PM
To: Ministry
Subject: [PraiseNews] Deceived?


/-------- Marriage Healing International-------------------

is a full time, not-for-profit ministry that earnestly needs

the prayer support of those who share our hunger to reach

those who are in need for the reconciling power of the

gospel, the ministry which God appointed to us. Jehovah God

is our Provider and always has and always will provide for

our every need according to His riches in glory.  We offer

this ministry according to the principle found at Matthew

10:8  We accept offerings of love as led by the Holy Spirit

but do not sell anything nor have any expectation of

financial support from anyone we serve.





Important Notices



Quite a few people have written in asking us to give

them more information about the baptsim of the Holy Spirit.

We have created a web form for YOU to fill out.  It

only takes a moment.  Once we have the list of people

who are ready to attend a training session, we will conduct

a teleconference type training for those who want to know

what God's Word teaches on this subject, understand it and

RECEIVE it!!  If you are interested go to:




Please understand we do not have unlimited time.  If you

are serious about this subject, please fill out the form

above.  We want to help everyone but this is the way we

will be able to do it... and have done before.



We need a DIGITAL video-camera to record teaching and other

material to be used in the work of the ministry. We are

sowing this camera to someone in need with the hope that the

Lord will bring in a DIGITAL video-camera that we will be

able to use for this work.




Praise Reports



I want to write today about a praise report to my prayers

for my marriage. My husband and i are actually on the road

to a successful reconciliation. With many prayers and support

from God above and never forgetting the faith I've had for the

last 8 months we are starting over a fresh clean slate. I

want to thank everyone for the prayers and i want to ask God

to bless every single marriage, family and relationship. And

for restoration. I know our Lord is a wonderful one, and He

will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank You JESUS!


Heather S., California



I praise the Lord for my life! I praise Him for my parents

dedication to attend Church and for my love of God during

that time.  The religion was there but the relationship was

missing for a long time.  For 12 years now I have

experienced the relationship with the Lord and it surpasses

anything I knew in the past to be awesome.  For this I

greatly Praise Him!


I praise Him for this Marriage Healing site and all the

people that are believing and still standing for restoration

of their marriages. (as I am)  For nothing is impossible for

the Lord.  To Him it is so simple. Through my standing in

the gap with the Lord for my marriage restoration I have

been able to encourage other couples to change their

attitude to one another, or to keep trying or most times the

Lord gives me a book to pass on.  All Glory to the Lord in

all these opportunities as I am one of his vessels to shed

His truth upon their lives. Psalms 68, Dan11:6-10


The Lord has kept me going with these and many other rhema

words.  The Lord has many highways and one is Australia.


Sandra C., Australia



A few months back I visited the MHI online ministry room and

reported that my husband had left our home and church August

5th 2005 for a job in LA, after being there a few weeks he

said he wanted to divorce. He stopped ALL communication.

After 9 long months, I let go of it all and walked away. I

filed for a divorce through the court March 13, 2006 as he

desired. I never sent the divorce papers to him, they sat on

my desk for weeks.


On April 23rd, 2006 My husband called me. He said would you

come and visit me? I said yes.  When I arrived and we stood

in front of each other and apologized for things. "He said, I

don't want the divorce." If you think God does not hear your

prayers, stopped listening/caring/or just is "unfaithful" to

you it could be 3 reasons you may have misinterpreted His

Promise, missed His answer, or gave up before God timed His



Every moment thank God! There is pain in change. We need to

change in the midst of our trial. WE need to change in the

middle of the circumstance, and trust that God will perform

His will for us!


I pray that God will continue to touch and bless this

awesome ministry! RUN to the feet of JESUS! THANK YOU




Antoinette D., California




Praise News - NEW LOOK - NEW SITE!!



We have a new and improved Praise News archive

system on line at:




you can read back issues, studies and participate in

communication with other community members.  Register





Are you Deceived?





Continuing this week:  "The Seduction of Christianity"

(part six in series)


Here's what Theresa had to say about her experience:


"I was 3-wayed into the teleconference this past Saturday

and greatly enjoyed it & look forward to this Saturday's

teleconference which I hope again I will be 3-wayed into"


And Enala from Malawi, Africa wrote::


"I just wanted to express my gratitude for three waying me

into the teleconference last Sunday. It was such a blessing

and have never exerienced anything like it before. The

teaching happened to be on a matter I had been struggling

with and the got my right to the point answers.


I was greatly blessed and I thank the Lord for getting

me in touch with the Ministry and your teachings. My life is

changed for the better and is still changing every day. I

now know what a loving saviour we have in Jesus. I really do

not take for granted the huge expense that must have been

incurred. May the Lord bless you abundantly."



If you haven't done so, please mark your calendar and plan to

be in attendance.  These teleconferences are credited by many

with changing their lives and their walk with the Lord...


Come fellowship, study to show yourself approved, pray,

worship and engage in a spiritual sharpening by joining us

in these exciting and interactive conferences by phone. For

those who must pay for long distance we suggest filling out

the form at this page: and we will attempt

to match you with someone who has 3-way calling and can

bring you in at no cost to yourself.


Details for the weekly teleconferences can be found at      To view any days details

simply hold your cursor over that days event.


This week:


Call-in number:  1-641-297-5600

Pin No.          7773777# (must include pound key)

Start Time:      8 a.m. PST, 9-MST, 10-CST, 11-EST


Come and see what the Lord will do in YOUR life...God bless you!



Know someone hurting? Tell them about this ministry:



  \    / Would you like to share a gift of love?



Help us to spread the word of hope and truth...


Read back-issues of the Praise News online at:




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