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Thursday, September 14, 2006

RE: Am I the only one with something to be thankful for today?

My Praises for the week (0;}

Saturday nite Byron & I had a money talk & even thou he didn’t want to be there & he lied about where the money has been spent, I managed to quietly point out the fact that I am trying to work with him to tend to these bills & accountability honestly as to where the money is being spent is something which he has to realize since he’s giving vague statements of there’s no money but doesn’t show where the money has gone when there’s 3 days of OT in the check anyway I pointed out that he needs to be able to keep better track of where he’s spending the money so that the needed things can be tended to

For a visual I had a fingernail which was breaking off – I finished breaking it & put it in his hand asked him is it real or is it fake? He looked at me as if I was crazy & said I don’t know… I said after a minute it’s real & I guess my point in asking you to hold it is so that you can realize that I’m not asking for anything fancy or luxury like getting my hair done or getting fake nails done every other week which is expensive

Daughter attended church with me on Sunday & although she left early she did tell me that she wanted to talk to Pastor next week – Say a prayer for my pastor I gave him the info package that Rejoice ministries sends out so that he’ll have the chance to review it & visit some of the websites about Standing & MLC – he had announced a couple of weeks ago that he was going to do a series about the “marriage minefield” so I gave him almost everything Bob & Charlyne sent to me including a copy of the Open Letter to America’s Pastors for him to keep – Pastor David Paul does a lot of traveling preaching & in addition to our church in CT he has a church in Brooklyn NY so lets pray that he’ll be lead to speak to other pastors so the message will go out to support those of us who are standing rather than calling us crazy or to just move on & find someone new

Monday nite Intercessory Prayer group was excellent & one of the girls made me cry ‘cause she said that she really loves how I’ve come into her life at a time when she needed a friend – o did the mascara run ‘cause I needed to hear that someone appreciated me that nite & I’m glad that by my Standing & raising up our group during IP nites that the idea of Standing is becoming known in this church at least & for God’s Glory

I was able to go on a secret shop on Wednesday it was a quick & easy coffee shop which will pay me $5.00 for buying a cup of coffee

Althou we’re having problem with the school bus for g-son, we’re asking the other grandparents to step up to the plate & commit to bringing him to the school since for now they’re refusing to send the school bus like they did last year & lets pray for no snow while daughter is in her last leg of classes she should be finished in early dec cause none of us are willing to go out in the snow since over in that section they take forever to plow

I sent out a slew of faxes to everyone who called yesterday to those who said NO BUS asking them to put it in writing the whys etc & what documentation are they requiring from me since I’ve not had to provide any nor was even asked for any last school year & nothing has changed from last year to this one

This noon the principal called me to ask me how was my phone calling going & I told him point blank that I sent out all of the faxes & I’m tired of this foolishness since everyone is passing the buck & now suddenly I’m being told NO BUS & I want answers in writing in reply to my faxes & then I pulled out my copy of the fax that I sent out & started reading it at which point he told me that I didn’t need to read the whole thing someone was going to bring it to him & he was going to call & if he had to go on in to some offices –

I told him to bring the faxes with him since there is a list of who I have spoken to over the course of the past 7 days but most importantly I’m holding them to their word that Any & All Absences or Tardiness will be counted as Excused & the principal stated that yes he will see to that since I did in fact have the bus last year & this is a screw up somewhere in the system –

this is the MOST Important Part more important than the bus to the house at this point is that g-son doesn’t miss out on any schoolwork or have difficulty with his attendance record being counted against him

Another Praise! God is most certainly working today

Byron called the house from his mom’s cell phone! He has never done that before!

He’s going to the store & will be picking up ink for the printer here so the small 1-2 pgs print ups that I want done I can do myself instead of always waiting for him to print them up.

The downer is that I just found out the reason that he was using the cell phone anyway was to use it to call Robin, she sent him pics of her dogs ear so I guess she’s trying to hit him up for money for the vet & Moocher Joe must’ve left her so she’s trying to play on Byron since tomorrow is payday

Say prayers folks the devil’s working hard to combat the forward movement that Byron’s been making towards home, I guess that’s where the OT$$ went from last paycheck,

( but I do wonder why Robin’s home from work at 230pm on a Friday afternoon?)

He used me as an excuse to call Robin on his mom’s cell phone, he was on the phone with her when I called 2 quick times to tell him to pick up tampons & then cigs – he went back upstairs to pull up the email which she sent him while they were on the phone

He just got here so let me get this sent off! (0;} PTL

Love your sister in Christ & Fellow Stander


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Subject: Am I the only one with something to be thankful for today?

Come on people! Am I the only person who has a praise today? It has been an entire weekend, so I know you have something to be thankful for, so...Let the PRAISE begin! :)


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