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Monday, August 20, 2012

from friends

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Sunday, August 19, 2012


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Saturday, October 02, 2010


Passing on this candle because
Someone I love has cancer :'(
I hope that you'll take a minute
Say a prayer &
Pass this candle on too

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Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 16:28:59 -0400

----- Forwarded by Shirley Bledsoe/Louisville/Humana on 09/30/2010 04:28 PM -----




In memory of our moms, dads, brothers and sisters, friends and loved ones of whom there are so many.

This year has been one with too many diagnoses too close to home. For all the friends, family, loved ones, and those we don't even know...

Friday is world cancer day - I'd appreciate it if you will forward this request 93% won't forward

A small request.. Just one line.

Dear God, I pray for a cure for cancer. Amen

All you are asked to do is keep this circulating, even if it's only to one more person.
In memory of anyone you know who has been struck down by cancer or is still living with it.

A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle..

Please Keep This Candle Going


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account numbers or any other personal/confidential

The information contained in this e-mail is confidential and
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soon it will be Sept 11!

Thought that this was beautiful & wanted to pass it along

I Do Remember where I was on Sept 11th - Do You?

Have you forgotten Sept 11th?
It does seem that way too many have forgotten that terrible day when Main Land USA was attacked by radicals in multiple cities
Pray for the families who have lost Loved Ones

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You say you will never forget where you were when 
you heard the news On September 11, 2001. 
Neither will I. 

I was on the 110th floor in a smoke filled room 
with a man who called his wife to say 'Good-Bye.' I 
held his fingers steady as he dialed. I gave him the 
peace to say, 'Honey, I am not going to make it, but it 
is OK..I am ready to go.' 

I was with his wife when he called as she fed 
breakfast to their children. I held her up as she 
tried to understand his words and as she realized 
he wasn't coming home that night. 

I was in the stairwell of the 23rd floor when a 
woman cried out to Me for help. 'I have been 
knocking on the door of your heart for 50 years!' I said. 
'Of course I will show you the way home - only 
believe in Me now.' 

I was at the base of the building with the Priest 
ministering to the injured and devastated souls. 
I took him home to tend to his Flock in Heaven. He 
heard my voice and answered. 

I was on all four of those planes, in every seat, 
with every prayer. I was with the crew as they 
were overtaken. I was in the very hearts of the 
believers there, comforting and assuring them that their
faith has saved them. 

I was in Texas , Virginia , California , Michigan , Afghanistan . 
I was standing next to you when you heard the terrible news. 
Did you sense Me? 

I want you to know that I saw every face. I knew 
every name - though not all know Me. Some met Me 
for the first time on the 86th floor. 

Some sought Me with their last breath. 
Some couldn't hear Me calling to them through the 
smoke and flames; 'Come to Me... this way... take 
my hand.' Some chose, for the final time, to ignore Me. 
But, I was there. 

I did not place you in the Tower that day. You 
may not know why, but I do.. However, if you were 
there in that explosive moment in time, would you have 
reached for Me? 

Sept. 11, 2001, was not the end of the journey 
for you . But someday your journey will end. And I 
will be there for you as well. Seek Me now while I may 
be found. Then, at any moment, you know you are 
'ready to go.' 

I will be in the stairwell of your final moments. 

During the next 60 seconds, stop whatever you are 
doing, and take this opportunity. (Literally it 
is only 1 minute.)  All you have to do is the 

Stop and think and appreciate God's power 
in your life, for doing what you know is pleasing to 
Him. If you are not ashamed to do this, follow the 
instructions. Jesus said, 'If you are ashamed of Me, I will be 
ashamed of you before My Father' 

If you are not ashamed, copy and send this message...only
if you believe 'Yes, I love my God. He is my 
fountain of Life and My Savior. He Keeps me going day and 
night. Without Him, I am no one. But with Him, I can do 
everything. Christ is my strength.' 







Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fwd: Fwd: News from Hal Lindsey Media Ministries

Wow this is some frightening news that's been happening lately
I keep watching Hal Lindsey & Perry Stone  via iTunes when I'm unable to catch them on TV
They seem to be able break it down about how the news relates to the bible prophecies
There are others out there also teaching us the prophecies & how they relate
Don't you think it's important to give some thought as to what our future holds?

I do wish more people paid attention to what is going on
The election ads are outrageous both for the State seats as well as the Congressional seats
Quite discouraging with all of the negative ads & no one is bothering to put forth exactly how they propose to fix the troubles of the state

Well the news & troubles of our land as well as the world clearly show for those who are wise enough to look closely
Are clearly showing that nothing which man does is going to work to solve these problems
Only God has the answers & HE Will Allow only for a short while for things to continue as they are
Since His Word states what HE plans to do very shortly don't you think that you should Read It?

-------- Original Message --------

News from Hal Lindsey Media Ministries
July 30th, 2010
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
On this week's edition of "The Hal Lindsey Report": Under the leadership of President Obama, Israeli-US relations have taken quite a beating.
His 'popularity' ratings in Israel are in the single digits.
The Israeli public simply does not trust him and they feel like America has thrown Israel under the bus.

Apparently, that didn't bother the Administration and it was "full speed ahead" in the drive to cozy up to the Arab-Muslim world.
It seemed that no cost was too great -- even abandoning Israel -- if it accomplished the President's goal of American-Muslim affinity.

But now we know that there really was a point at which the cost became too great.

The Democrat National Committee recently realized that it was many millions of dollars down in its fundraising for the upcoming mid-term elections.
And it was glaringly apparent that the constituency from which the giving had dried up was the American Jewish community.
So, as I reported a couple of weeks ago, the White House went into damage control mode and started a charm offensive toward Israel and the Jewish community.

White House operatives fanned out and began to sweet talk the Jewish organizations here in the States.
President Obama invited Prime Minister Netanyahu back to the White House and, evidently, promised that he'd be a better host this time than he was last March.
He might even allow himself to be seen in public with the Prime Minister and certainly wouldn't stomp out of any meetings and leave the PM sitting, staring at the walls.

So Netanyahu returned and everyone made nice before the cameras.
Obama even walked Netanyahu out to his car and added some extra pumps to his farewell handshake!

This past week, an Assistant Secretary of State appeared before a Jewish audience and confirmed that, indeed, "Israel is a vital ally and cornerstone of our regional security commitments."
Now, that sounds pretty good at first, but I think it woefully understates the case.
Israel is not just a "vital ally" in that region.
Israel is our ONLY ally in the Middle East.

What's more, unlike our other friends in the area who are simply 'allies of convenience,' Israel and the United States are natural allies because we share common values, freedoms, ideals, goals, ideologies, and respect for human rights and the law.
We even share a common Bible.
Many Israeli citizens were born and reared in the US.
The Mosaic Law is the foundation of our own law.
And our rule of law is a big part of what makes America so successful.
To say Israel is anything less than our greatest ally -- especially in the Middle East -- is to be less than clear-eyed or honest.

Yet, despite all this, the Bible says that eventually Israel will stand completely alone and friendless against the entire world.

Where's America?

I believe these are dangerous days for the United States.
Paul predicts that, in the last days, "perilous times" will come.
He also describes what I believe will be the condition of the world's most Christian nation in those days.
Here is his portrait:

" will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving (one translation says 'without natural affection'), unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power...."

If I didn't know better, I would say Paul had just spent the evening watching network television (and flipping over occasionally to MSNBC).
Could you paint a better picture of America at this very moment?

Jesus even described the Western church in these days.
He said, "Because you say, 'I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing' -- and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked...."
He also declared that since we were so self-absorbed and influenced by the world's decadence that we would be neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm.
And that made Jesus nauseous.

So, now I can see why Israel will be completely alone in the future.
America won't matter anymore.

However, though God's People will face terrible times in the future, they will not be completely abandoned.
Jesus Himself will return to fight for them.
And for those of us who have accepted the pardon He died to purchase?
The news is even better. We won't be here for those terrible times.
You see, we will be where Jesus is because He will snatch us away before those troubles begin.

As we say in Texas, if that ain't Good News, I don't know what is!

Don't miss this week's Report on TBN, Daystar, Inspiration, CPM Network, various local stations, or Check your local listings.

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
mail: HLMM, P.O. Box 470470, Tulsa, OK 74147

Sunday, May 09, 2010 = Twitter @ComcastBill - pics of Cable Boxes as per 5/7/10 tweets

Why is it so hard to get a Properly Working Triple Play Motorola Cable Box?

I'm a bit disappointed with the fact that I called & told the Customer Service people that I'm in need of a working box
The General Instruments Cable Box which was in the house did not upgrade to the iTV feature of the Triple Play like the cable box did downstairs which is a Motorola

The 1st day May 4th 2010 the General Instruments box was swapped over to the RNG110 which was quite UnAcceptable
but it was the only box on 2 Tech's trucks
So I called back to Customer Service & explained the problem & another appointment was scheduled for May 7th 2010 & I was disappointed because for the 2nd appointment there was no Motorola box on his truck even though I had asked the Customer Service girl to make certain that there was a proper Triple Play box on the truck
The Tech was great & the Tech tried to find a box that would be ok for dvd/vcr/game hook up since he didn't have a Motorola on his truck but all he could find on another truck was a General Instruments box that didn't work at all even for just a picture on the TV

So while the Tech was here in the house "Closing the Ticket"
I Twittered @ComcastCares
@ComcastBill answered my Tweet & Offered to mail out a proper box if needed

& I also Called 1-800-COMCAST to schedule another Tech to come out
Again I asked for the Proper Motorola cable box & NOT the RNG110 or General Instruments since they Don't Work
The girl said that she put it into the notes for a Motorola Box to be brought out to the house

I asked @ComcastBill for the email addy so I could send pictures of the boxes & problem in general
Because as the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words &
It does seem that when going through Twitter the locals pay attention because the Twitter Team is located in PA where the main headquarters is located & they contact Management to help get things Resolved

Below is the email which I sent out to
I do suggest that when making a trouble call
you take the following steps after making your call to Customer Service at 1-800-COMCAST

1) if you have the ability to Twitter for you to do so to get the attention of the @ComcastCares crew who will pass it up to the Management team of your Local Office &
2) follow it up with an email including pictures if you have that ability
3) Do Answer the Phone Survey if they have the Automated Caller dial you & leave a message about your service call when you're finished with the 4 questions

If all else fails &/or you have really bad Customer Service All of the Time Whenever you call for Service
or are Threatened with Charges for Them coming out to Service Their Own Equipment & Lines...
You Don't have to be Bullied or Accept Poor Customer Service from Any Utility Company
Remember that you always have available to you the really big guns
which determine if they get to keep their License to Operate in your Town...

4) follow up with the Local Dept of Public Utility Control which should be listed on the bill

^*^*^ Email Sent Out 5/8/2010 regarding Tweets 5/7/2010 to @ComcastBill ^*^*^

Subject: = Twitter @ComcastBill - Pics of Cable Boxes as per 5/7/Tweets

This is the PROPER Working Cable box which does the Triple Play Caller ID on TV & has Hook up in back for DVD/VCR & TV Plug - it says Motorola Dolby Digital - since we don't have the new fancy HD tvs I don't think that it's HD type of box which costs extra if I recall just regular Digital Cable that gets all the non-hd channels

This is the UNACCEPTABLE RNG110 cable box - I had originally the General Instruments cable box on this tv but it never got the Caller ID UpGrade/UpDates to work - this box is what they brought in to replace it & that means I can't have DVD/VCR/game system hooked up to tv & have lost the outlet for the lamp because this box does not have the connection for the TV to go into the back of it

This power cord thing takes up the 2nd outlet since the tv does not have a place to plug in now like all the cable boxes in the past have had & there's now no way to connect up the DVD/VCR/game systems so that we can watch & play our movies & games like we were able to do before

Sorry this picture is on it's side but I was trying to show how the connections from the UnAccpetable Box is going into the TV - Notice the RCA jacks going into the front of the TV where the Game system is supposed to be plugged in at?
That's because the UnAcceptable Box doesn't have the proper Out Connections to plug into the back of this Cable Ready TV so there's now a connection cable that just hangs there in the back of the tv

Not certain if you can see it in the prior above picture but here's what it looks like in the back of our Cable Ready TV = just the connection cord dangling there waiting for the Proper Cable Box to be hooked up to it so the video can stream into the TV

This UnAcceptable RNG110 Cable Box Is Not "Ready"for a Cable Ready TV!
We customers mostly have Cable Ready TVs
even if we haven't all been able to afford the costs of the new HD digital tvs
so the cable boxes Comcast stocks need to be back to the Default to what the majority of Customers Have Now
not what the electronic companies want us to buy
because many of us can't afford to buy new tvs right now in this economy

this is a better picture of the connection cords just dangling waiting for the proper cable box to be connected & it's so dark in the pictures because the floor lamp isn't able to be plugged in any longer because this "new" cable box requires 2 plugs

So far 2 times Techs have been to the house & they've not been given the proper cable box to bring to the house
even though the 2nd time I called to make an appointment
I gave very specific instructions that what was needed was the Motorola Cable Box
which does both allow for the DVD/VCR/gaming system to be hooked into the tv as well as the Triple Play Caller ID on TV

The techs were great but their hands were tied because they weren't given the Proper Equipment
(wasn't thrilled with the contractor they sent out on another issue since he didn't know anything but he seemed like a nice guy who just needed to be taught what to do but that's a whole other issue, just like everyone HATES the Call Centers OverSeas)

I did call into 1-800-COMCAST to get another Tech for a total so far of 3 calls for this 1 problem with the Caller Id on TV issue due to the General Instruments box which was originally here & then the replacement being the UnAcceptable RNG110 box being installed & no Motorola boxes being out here on the truck
the CSR girl named Laura said that she has made note of the fact that there needs to be a Motorola Box on the truck for the tech to install & the earliest that they can get someone out here is Sunday morning from 8am to 11am -

PLEASE Make Certain that the Comcast Tech which comes out HAS the Proper Motorola Cable Box to install when they get here Sunday so a 4th Call doesn't have to made

The confirmation number for the new trouble call is CR-204-612-734 & the confirmation number for 5/7/2010 visit we discussed on Twitter (very disappointing visit due to the lack of stock by Comcast's warehouse poor planning) is CR-204-425-621 also an 8am - 11am appointment

My husband has confirmed that we do not have HD Cable Boxes
We have just 2 Regular Digital DVR boxes & 2 Regular Digital all channel boxes for both

Thanks for responding to my inquiries via Twitter - it does seem to be sometimes easier to get things moving because problems get brought up to the attention to the managers who aren't aware of what the CUSTOMERS wants or needs are & can make the changes which are needed to better help the customers instead of just the profit margin

When will you be starting up a team to work via Google Buzz? Other businesses are getting on Google Buzz as well being on Twitter especially since it has much more to offer in the way of communications with people with the Buzz making a stream that stays connected & offers more than 140 characters to type & explain problems & solutions & a way give a heads up to customers about upcoming changes or outages that are occurring as they happen in various areas & in that way some of the phone line congestion can be headed off & another way for customers to report trouble spots

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter & please do follow up so I can update my blog readers as to how this has been resolved

Your Comcast Customer @AvonCT1 on Twitter
Tweets R Nice but Discussion is better join me on #Google Buzz
Follow me =

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

[Fwd: This Could Be Your Last Chance to Be Heard on Health Care!]

Wanted to pass this forward

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: This Could Be Your Last Chance to Be Heard on Health Care!
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 22:37:34 EST
From: Tony Perkins <>

FRC Action
FRC Action

Please sign the petition and let Members of Congress know that your tax dollars should not be used to cover abortion and that health care legislation must explicitly exclude abortion coverage.

This Could Be Your Last Chance to Be Heard on Health Care!
March 11, 2010 | | Share with Friends

Dear Djembe,

As you may already know, the House of Representatives is the last line of defense to stop a government takeover of healthcare. That chamber of Congress is getting set to vote on the monstrosity that was voted out of the Senate that includes taxpayer-funded bribes to different Senators and allows for the largest expansion of government funding of abortions we have ever seen.

We have already gathered nearly 175,000 signatures of Americans opposed to the government funding of abortion in the health care takeover, but we need your help before the fight is over for good! We will deliver the petitions to pro-life Democrats and the Republican Leadership to remind them to stand firm for the principles we all believe in. The only pro-life vote is NO to the current health care legislation soon to be up in the House of Representatives.

Thank you for taking action today and God bless you.

Please sign the petition and let Members of Congress know that your tax dollars should not be used to cover abortion and that health care legislation must explicitly exclude abortion coverage.


Tony Perkins

P.S. Please forward this email to at least one friend.