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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

FW: Protect military funerals: Sign this petition

Ok This is just way too Outrageous!!!

Let the families grieve in peace

They have suffered enough by the loss of their child, husband or wife

It’s just plain WRONG to be doing a Protest such as this

Regardless of a person view of the politics or the reasons for the war

A soldier’s funeral is no place for public demonstration


Do what you can at the local level to bring this to the gov’ts attention & to prevent such demonstrations from happening – it should be illegal to protest publicly at any funeral but especially at a soldier’s funeral


-----Original Message-----
From: Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel []
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 10:25 AM
To: Theresa
Subject: Protect military funerals: Sign this petition



Dear Theresa,

I need your voice!

The ACLU is at it again - supporting groups that are targeting military funerals all over the country - and I need your help to stop them.

Now the families and friends of our brave fallen heroes are not only suffering the tragic loss of their loved one - they are being followed by the threat of ugly protests marring their final moments with the deceased - protests defended by the ACLU!

We cannot allow this to happen any longer!

It is imperative that we act now - but the challenge is so extensive, I am asking for your help today.

You can help protect the memory of our brave fallen soldiers by making your voice heard through a nationwide campaign!  Join our COMMITTEE TO HONOR OUR FALLEN HEROES today.

As we write legal memorandums and file amicus briefs, we'll stand for your values.  I want military families to know that tens of thousands of Americans are standing with them in honor of their loved ones.

To support these families even further, we will be urging the highest state officials to do everything in their power to protect military funerals from disruption by protestors - including passage of new laws across the country which will settle this issue once and for all - through our online PETITION TO OUR NATION'S GOVERNORS.

The ACLU appears to be conducting a systematic attack on military families who have lost loved ones, assailing their "right to grieve."  We will not rest while such outrages continue.

We are committed to dispatching lawyers as needed at military funerals targeted for protest, as well as filing amicus briefs in cases and working with city and county officials who want to help these beleaguered families.

By joining our COMMITTEE TO HONOR OUR FALLEN HEROES and adding your name to our online PETITION TO OUR NATION'S GOVERNORS, you are helping the ACLJ continue to stand firm for all of your hard-won constitutional freedoms.

The law recognizes that the First Amendment is not a "blank check."  Reasonable regulations on the time, place, and manner of speech are also constitutional, especially at an event like a funeral.

Thank you for your patriotism and faithful support of the ACLJ!


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  • At 9/10/2006 04:21:00 PM, Blogger Truthsmack said…

    You do know, don't you, that the ACLJ is going after fundamentalist conservatives here, right? The Fred Phelps group from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas? You know that's the "God Hates Fags" people?

    You're welcome to visit my blog to read more about Jay Sekulow's very lucrative venture, the ACLJ. Some good Christian folks have become convicted about the fact that the man lives "like Louis the 14th."

    Remember, Jesus said: "You cannot serve God and Money."

  • At 9/10/2006 10:35:00 PM, Blogger DjembeQueen said…

    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog, I hope that you'll read through my entire response

    I think the group that you're talking about IS In Fact the Group which Jay & the ACLJ is in fact speaking about in this email which I forwarded to my blog here -

    that group which is doing a serious disservice to both God & country in their misguided attempts to draw attention to the wrongs which the gov't is allowing -

    a family tradegy is NOT the Place or Time for such a demonstration nor is it a Proper Forum - the group should focus on those people who are in fact able to change the laws not the innocent families who are greiving & have no control over such matters & who in fact under differant circumstances most likely agree with what the group is trying to point out (not quite sure all that they stand for all i know about is the anti-gay thing)

    I'm pretty positive that it was the group they were talking about on the show because I do know the reason for their wanting to be at the funerals was to protest that "God Hates Fags" & when I saw the show I was so angered

    because as a mother of a servicman I'd be mad as hell if they would attend such a sad event, it doesn't say that the group was protesting a gay soldier but just all local military funerals which is just plain wrong - period - to add insult to the family loss

    Now your last comments complaining about the fact that Jay has some nice possessions seems to be a smokescreen issue to me or an example of a covetous spirit at work

    Most attorneys which I know do have nice homes & cars, judges seem to have even nicer ones & the politicians seem to have the best of everything after movie stars & sportsplayers

    the question is what concern is it to you or me that Jay does happen to have a nice home etc?

    Pray on it honestly; you should know & fully realise that Jesus has nothing against someone who is rich but who's focus is solely upon getting rich

    To me to complain about Jay's being in a rewarded financial state sort of shows that he is in fact doing God's work & has earned his wage as a worker for God's causes is sort of like the pharisee's complaining

    Are you awre of the biblical examples of wealth which runs throughout

    king david started out a young shepard boy watching his father's flocks, but david's father wasn't poor & king david's son king solomon was known to be the richest as well as wisest man of his time

    in fact when you read the bible most of the old testament people who were given as examples were blessed with the ability to live very well

    Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead was a rich man as were many whom Jesus had dealings with Paul was by no means poor when he became a disciple & these are people who can point out without having my bible open to do a search

    Jesus doesn't have a problem with people being rich, nor having possessions but the statement "No man can serve both God & Money" is speaking about our heart condition & view of money in our lives which is the priority because one of them has to be in 2nd place

    those who are doing the lord's work shouldn't be being torn apart due to a coveteous or jezebel spirit running thru the ranks

    if the ACLJ isn't doing the lord's work just like Saul lost his kingdom to David when God directed Samuel to annoint David

    God is no respector of person's & if God allows for the ACLJ to work on his behalf here in our country now then it's wrong for us to try to impead the work God is the judge not you nor I

    consider it's wise to follow Gamaliel the Pharisee's advice to the Sanhedrin as described in Acts 5:34-39

    or even Jesus's own words to his disciple's when they complained about another who was able to do works in Jesus' name as described in

    Luke 11:23 anyone who is not with me is against me & anyone who does not gather in with me throws away.
    Mark 9:40 Anyone who is not against us is for us.

    you seem to be so focused upon what Jay has & just because Jay has you feel that he should be discounted?

    Shame on you for not considering just what Jay may have had to give up in order to do his work for the Lord... does not Matt 19:29 say "And Eveyone who has left houses, brothers, sisters, father, mother, children or land for the sake of MY NAME, will receive a hundred times as much & also inherit eternal life."?

    what do you know of Jay's personal life & what he has had to sacrafice to obtain what he has while he's been at least trying to do God's work?

    I do not know the man personally
    I don't know what he had to struggle with to get where he is at now,
    I do certainly look at what he & the ALCJ is attempting to do for God's work & & view what Jay may personally have as being a reward for his work

    maybe you should check your inner motive as to the reason for your complaining about what Jay's group is trying to do.

    What are you & your group doing to slow down the activist judges who are overriding common sense as well as laws?

    What are you doing to protect the american family & marriages to ensure that "What God has put together Let No Man Divide" Matt 19:3-9;

    Rather than focus on coveting what Jay personally owns?

    what is the point of trying to pull down a man personally when he's trying to do God's work?

    if they're not doing God's work then God will bring the ACLJ down once He has raised up another to take over the work.

    is your group actively working to change the laws both on the local level as well as the national level?

    i don't understand the purpose of your comment here on my blog other than to complain about the ACLJ -

    many would just delete your comment but i'll leave it here because this is america & i respect that you have the right to have an opinion that is differant than my own

    what i hope that you will seriously consider is the old saying

    "if you're not part of the solution then you're part of the problem"

    regardless of what you may feel about Jay's personal belongings
    he & the ACLJ are at least trying to do God's work & stand & fight against the ACLU
    (all of those atty's have alot of personal belongings & wealth but are you complaining about that?)

    by the way do you own your own home & a new car & have personal belongings & new clothes in your closets etc?

    well I don't own my own home or a new car or have lots of nice new clothes but I'm not complaining about what you have yet based upon your logic given in your post I should be able to complain & denounce you right?

    I'm happy for my friends who have been able to buy their own homes or new cars or nice new clothes,

    why am I happy for everyone else? because I know that in due time I will have anything which God chooses to bless me with here & now &
    I do know that I will have Eternal Life sometime in the future so I'm choosing to be content with what I have now

    Am I perfect & never complain because I feel I should have more than I do -
    I'm human so yes there are times when I get angry when money is wasted that could be better spent,

    but am I angry to the point where I'm fussing & trying to pull down another person who has what I would like to have some day?
    NO that is sheer jealousy & what the sin of covetiousness is about.

    Thankfully God has blessed me with what I need
    so althou I have gone through "tough finacial times"
    my family - my husband & children & I have not gone hungry even though I may not have always been thrilled with the provisions
    we were thankful for what God did provide for us &

    even now when my life is far from perfect I Stand Praising God for what He is doing with & for my family & I


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