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Friday, September 08, 2006

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice - Chat, Call, Share Photos, and More

The New Messenger kinda sucks
I don't know what they were thinking for the sound choices for the alerts but not only can't you hear them if you not looking at your computer but the limited choices they have to make changes really suck

what good is a buzz that can't be heard if your back is to the screen?
why can't we have the tabs like we use to have instead of the dumb plugins which take up screen space - I miss being able to click the tab at the bottom if I want to see a small version of my calendar or quickly add an event

I'm not quite happy either with the search bar on the bottom of the messenger - why is it there? why can't I have the option to just remove it? When I download the messenger default is to make yahoo both my homepage & search default so why do I have to have a search bar on my messenger?

I'd prefer that yahoo had done more to make their 360 page usable from the messenger - like the ability to copy & paste from the messenger to make an entry or like Google has the ability to "Blog This" right from their tool bar as well as give a thumbs up or thumbs down on a webpage

o well as aggravting as it is - yahoo still beats AIM hands down

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice - Chat, Call, Share Photos, and More


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