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Friday, October 30, 2009

[Fwd: Will The Washington Post Get a Government Bailout?]

So tired of having our  tax dollars being mis-spent on bailing out big corps who have made bad decisions
Banks Failed because of their Greed & being scammed by Madoff
Car Companies failed because they are making shoddy cars & not keeping up with the times & needs of American Buyers & having prices that people can't afford when they are taking Pay Cuts due to all of our Factory & Call Center Jobs being Out Sourced to Non-American Employees in 3rd World Countries

Now the News Papers Want Our Tax Dollars because they can't Sell their Papers? They haven't kept up with the times we are in & offering enews alerts with links to the news on their websites or twitter updates etc & most importantly they have failed to provide news in a timely manner that offers All Sides to the important news of the day so their readership is dropping because there just isn't any interest in their news papers so our tax dollars should now go towards paying for their lack of leadership & poor management decisions?
Call your congress people & tell them enough is enough - pass extensions on the unemployment benefits for the American citizens so they can keep their homes & apartments & afford to buy food & heat & let the news papers start becoming relevant so that people might want to buy them instead of wasting money on those select few big business people

Those people who are running the papers, well maybe it's time for them to divest & split & stop being irrelevant reporting in a skewed manner & reporting more on what's going on with the working people who chose or chose not to buy their papers - if the tiny local Free Papers can afford to keep going then there is no reason that those giant news paper corporations can't learn from their example & downsize where they need & start reporting in a manner that will make the working people Want to Buy Their Paper Again like we used to in times past back in the day when news papers actually did some Real Reporting of News

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Reader,

This past week the battle over the future of news came to a head. Len Downie, a vice president and the former editor of The Washington Post, called for government funding for journalism. Downie added his voice to a chorus of liberals, politicians and journalists who want government very involved in the news.

While Downie claims it isn’t a bailout, that’s exactly what he’s calling for. Dan Gainor of the Business & Media Institute, our sister department, called it in a report released a week before Downie’s effort. Gainor’s analysis of “The Great Newspaper Bailout” is a sobering look at how involved government is trying to get in the daily news.

Here are just a few scary facts;

• This year both houses of Congress, the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission have all held hearings on the future of journalism. Bills to aid newspapers have been proposed in both the House and Senate.
• Liberal groups are pushing for $60 billion for a “bridge” to the future of journalism – the ultimate bridge to nowhere.
• The media are also planning for the future. A media foundation report just urged government to mandate nationwide broadband Internet access. They forgot to mention it could cost up to $350 billion.

“The Great Newspaper Bailout” is the kind of essential news about business and the economy that the Business & Media Institute delivers on a regular basis.

Each week, BMI’s newsletter, the Balance Sheet, reports on the biggest business or economic trends that impact you. Then they show just how the media are spinning those trends. This ranges from economic reporting that made a good economy look bad when George Bush was president, to journalists trying to find the silver lining in nearly 10 percent unemployment under Barack Obama. BMI helps you understand what the news media isn’t telling you about America’s economic health and liberals’ attacks on free enterprise.

I strongly urge you to sign up for the Balance Sheet, their free weekly newsletter.

Thanks for your time, and for subscribing to the E-Brief,

Craig Bannister
Communications Director

Sunday, October 25, 2009

[Fwd: [Praying Wife's BlogSpot] Re: P4P]

Wanted to pass this along for those who are interested in hearing & taking part in some lively discussion about the bible & churches today

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Looking forward to hearing from these mighty men of God who are teaching & peaching the hard truths of the Word of God UnCompromised
Hope to see you all there & that you'll pass the word about this teaching series to others via emails or phone calls to let them know that this series on marriage is happening most of this week

Love Your Sister in Christ
 Have a Blessed Day

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From: Pete Chryss <>
Subject: P4P
Date: Sunday, October 25, 2009, 1:14 PM

You have been invited by Pete Chryss to join a live Community Call.
Passion for Purity (Join in)
Host: Passion for Purity -
Episode: Til Death Do Us Part

From 6:30 to 7:05 EST , that's 3:30 Pacific start time,
Pete Chryss will preach on how God, in His infinite wisdom, uses the rocky roads in marriage not only to test us, but more importantly to teach us true forgiveness and have us experience real unconditional love.
Then the main event, Pete will be joined by Pastor Casey Whittaker, author of "Have You Not Read" and Pastor Heath to illustrate how God does not condone divorce in a Christian home live from the Marriages for Life Conference.
Then, watch for the advertisement for Monday evening with Dr. and Pastor Gorrie who will continue the discussion on God's will.
Tuesday evening's regular P4P will be an on air skit from the play written by Pete Chryss entitled "What About Me?".
Lastly, Thursday night we bring in our clean up hitter Pastor Joe Webb, author of "Til Death Do Us Part" to wrap it up.
Folks, all these world renowned men of God have come together on P4P for one reason, to disprove the notion that there are Biblical exceptions allowing divorce. We are taking back marriages this week!!!!
 Please keep everyone involved in this ministry in prayer.
To pull off this week it takes alot of dedicated saints!

Call ID: 47865

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Change in time of Show for Tuesday July 14,2009

Scheduled Time:

Date: Sun, October 25, 2009
Time: 06:30 PM EDT

How to participate:

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