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Monday, October 09, 2006

FW: APPROVE -- wants to join PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations

I wanted to post this response to those who come across this blog by doing a search for Power of a Praying Wife or Standing because I think the information here will help those who are seekers for some help & about the yahoo group called Power of the Praying Wife – Restorations & it’s purpose

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Subject: RE: APPROVE -- wants to join PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations

HI Stefania;

I didn't want to just reject your membership without 1st giving you the reason why

This group is for Married Women who currently are in trouble with their marriages & most are currently going thru severe troubles with their husbands including midlife crisis, drinking, drugs, affairs etc so this group isn't correct for you since you aren’t married at this time.

I would suggest that you prayerfully seek God's guidance if your engagement is in trouble at this time because it could be that this marriage isn't what God has planned for you & is against His will

Is your fiancé' saved & a Godly man? If he is not then definitely take it as a sign that this is not a marriage which God would bless.

Consider also your own personal walk with God at this time,

is your walk the way that it should be or have you only turned to the power of a praying wife book as a last resort rather than having prayerfully considered what is truly God's will in the matter of your marriage prior to coming to this point in your life?

Is this your fiancé's 1st marriage as well as your own 1st marriage? If either of you have been married before then this is not a marriage which will be blessed by God & would only be Legalized (in a worldly sense) Adultery -

God hates Divorce & although there is the provision for divorce in the new testament for adultery that divorce is to be a permanent single condition until the former spouse dies or the 2 which are divorced become Reconciled To Each Other –

Read 1st Corinthians All of Chapter 7 for this explanation; it's very plainly spelled out that God considers only the Covenant or 1st Marriage as being the one which He recognizes as being the marriage which has His blessing (especially if children are involved) –

It's a hard consideration but when basing your decision on what God's Word says & not what Man allows then you will be blessed by following what God's Word says rather than what Man allows

There are many considerations which should be made before making the life long commitment to your marriage because not only is this a vow to your intended but more importantly this is a vow to God (better 100 broken engagements than 1 broken Marriage Vow)

If there's trouble during the engagement period then you should seriously consider this as a warning to you that your intended isn't willing to make the serious commitment to either you or God to do the work that is required to make a marriage work

I would suggest that in addition to the Power of a Praying Wife book & Study Guide that you purchase the book by Martha Pierce called The Excellent Wife & it's workbook so that You will have a better understanding of what is required of a Godly Wife & see if you after going thru that entire book & study guide can make that marriage commitment regardless of what your intended does – Remember that this vow is not only to your intended but more importantly to God

There is a book for husbands as well called the Exemplary Husband with a workbook that goes along with it which the 2 of you should go through the 2 books & workbooks together -

These 2 books I feel are more important for you & your intended to go through than the Power of Praying series at this time in your life

A red flag should go up if your intended isn't interested in reading that book & going thru the workbook because if he's unwilling to work on the marriage before it starts then he definitely won't be willing to do the work later on after the marriage

Also do look at your friends both yours as well as your intended's

are they Godly people & more importantly are they married couples or single people shacking up with each other & not living in Godly ways -

Do you have friends in your church or is church just someplace you go to once in awhile on holidays & weddings & funerals?

The fact that you mentioned that you need some new friends shows that you know that some of the friendships which you have aren't going to be very good for married life & that does show some wisdom on your part,

but your friendships offline in the real world are much more important than those which you need to make online at this point in your life,

So focus on making more Godly friends in your real world life than seeking online friends in your online life

I hope that you take this advice with the Love & Truth with which it is offered

Your Elder Sister in Christ


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Sunday, October 08, 2006 9:12 PM
: APPROVE -- wants to join PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations


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I am currently engaged and was told to read this book. I am going through a very rough spot in the engagement and thought the book and a group of new friends could help! :-)

This membership request requires your approval because the

PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations group is restricted,

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