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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Defend the Bible

Wow this is actually crazy
& who would think that here in America that such laws could be proposed -
the Land of Free Speech that was founded by people looking for religious freedom & now our right to listen to a preacher speak will be taken away & no one in the regular public seems to be aware of that or speaking out against it?

Scarey to think that such great preachers of old would be arrested for the speeches & sermons that they preached - the likes of Jonathan Edwards who in the 1700's sermon in Enfeild CT called Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God wich is credited with the Great Awakening Revival of his time would end up in jail if he were so bold to preach such a sermon now with the laws which are being proposed

There are far to few preachers today that do in fact preach the full message of the bible which tells us to Repent & Turn Away from Sin & Turn to God's Way because it's not a very popular message but with these laws the few that do will be tossed in jail when they do get up there on their pulpits & speak the truth of God's Word & read from the bible just what God has said about the Sins that are taking place in this land

Folks this is the End of Times just as the bible predicted coming true right before our very eyes but people here in America are so blinded by having fun & not offending that they're not even getting angry about the fact that these 3 laws have been put forward to congress - scarey thought is just how long will it be before they come forward with the mark & again those who are not paying attention will be saying nothing until just like back in the days just before WW11 no one said anything while the other countries were being invaded until it was too late? there's coming a time & it is very soon when being a Christian will in fact be illegal & deadly for those who hold to the faith


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