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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pentagon Strike#Main - Main

OK this site was to me in an email link & it's been almost 5 yrs & the world trade center buildings aren't cleared of their devastation signs

After i just finished readingthe book by Joel Rosenberg The Ezkeil Option only 2 days ago this does make me wonder just how come we heard so much about the 9/11 films on the world trade center but rarely about the pentagon strike & at this point there is nothing shown of the pentagon strike when they do still show the world trade center planes striking the buildings

It is possible that there is a cover up going on here, I guess the reason would be to hide the fact that we were attacked with a missile & not to panic the nation?

All that I can say regardless of wheather or not that this is in fact true that we were attcaked using a missle rather than a hi-jacked plane is that everyone needs to seriously get their life right with God

Reading Ezekeil chapter 38 & 39 & you'll know that we're in the last days, just as the book of Daniel describes as well as Revelation describes

Pentagon Strike#Main - Main


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