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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network

This is the link to TBN's media player & I'm not sure if I already posted this link previously but even if I did this is truely a good enough link for me to list it again

5 channels of Christain Programming streaming right on your puter - if you don't have cable that offers all 5 channels that TBN is offering give a call on the TBN's 800 number & they'll hook you up with your cable company's customer service line who takes care of the programming & tell them that until they offer it free as part of the package which I think TBN offers free to the cable companies you'll be using the puter to watch decent programming
when enough calls come in complaining about the fact that we want decent programming rather than 5 channels of ppv porn the cable companies will listen & add the programming onto our cableboxes in the home - satelite companies already offer all 5 of the channels that TBN is offering so a threat to move to satelite might also make them add the rest of TBN's channels to our cable boxes a little faster

TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network


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