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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Consider Your Part in the US election...

I wanted to pass this forward for everyone's consideration; character does matter greatly so do take some time to seriously consider where you cast your vote

I also do say for you to pass this forward to others to take the poll remind them to also consider...
just what they're voting for & where they stand & whose side not political party do they stand for

Love Your Sister in Christ

Have a Blessed Day

--- On Thu, 10/16/08, M wrote:

Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008, 3:32 AM

Dear friends,

I'm really not the right person to engage myself or tell you anything I don't know in your politics, but I got this from an American friend, and forward it to you, because I care for your country and people.

It also concerns Norway, because we too have 'free-abortion' and kill a lot of babies.

As you know about my standing for marriage, this is also a great matter concerning the entire world and families. Somebody needs to stand in the gap…
Ezekiel 22:30
"And I sought a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it, …."

I pray that the people of God have the boldness and strength to do what God tells you to do.
If this makes any difference for you, and God tells you something thru this, it is all for the glory of God. I don't mean to do this because I know better, but because I felt I should share it with you… I know this is a matter only between you and God!
God bless you very much to make the right choice for your country

In Christ,


Hi friends. . . I don't forward many things anymore, but this is one (the red part below) you might want to take action on.
I know some I'm sending this to are not Americans, and cannot vote in the US election, but you CAN vote in this online poll.

Sarah Palin is a godly born again believer in Jesus Christ.
She is pro-life (opposes abortion) and stands for righteousness.
She's the kind of leader America needs, and we all know what happens in America affects the whole world. (Just look at the stock market meltdown.)

The media has tried to make it out like the issue in this election is the economy, or homeland security, or this or that.
But, what about abortion?
The number of abortions done legally in America since the Roe vs. Wade case was decided wrongly by the Supreme Court in 1973 (that decision legalized abortion) now stands at 48,589,993. Source:

Friends, that means if you believe life begins at conception
(as I do and as both John McCain and Sarah Palin do, and as God does . . . Psalm 139:13-15),
then we believe that almost 50 million children have been murdered (legally!) since 1973 in the USA.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden both support a mother's right to terminate her pregnancy. They say the woman has 'reproductive rights'.
OK, but, what about the rights of the baby?
Half of all aborted babies, if they had been allowed to live would have grown up to become women.
What about their reproductive rights which were snuffed out in the womb of their mother . . . legally?
Something is dreadfully wrong here!

The womb of a pregnant woman has become the unsafest place to be in America (and in many other nations of the world)!

The fact that abortion is legal in the USA (and anywhere in the world) is is an atrocity to God. It's got to stop!
If you thought slavery in America was bad, wait til you see how God judges those responsible for abortion.

Children are being sacrificed on the altar of convenience.

Sarah Palin showed moral character by giving birth to her baby Trig earlier this year. She and her husband Todd knew in advance that Trig had Down Syndrome, yet they went ahead and let him live.
Compare that to what 90% of other women who learn (by ultrasound) that they have a Down Syndrome baby do . . . abort the child.

Are we not all imperfect in some way or another?
Is killing those around us who we deem to be our 'problem' the answer?
Of course not.

If we keep on in this culture of death, what will happen to handicapped folks who are living among us, or the disabled elderly.
Are infanticide and euthanasia far behind once we've had two generations desensitized to the evils of abortion?
Did we not learn anything from Hitler and the Holocaust (when those not deemed
perfect were eliminated from the face of the earth)?

The bottom line is this . . .
Regardless of the circumstances of the pregnancy,
Why do we think it's OK to victimize the baby?
Have we not heard of something called adoption!??
Are we unaware that there are far more couples who want to adopt than there are children available to give them?
I know, as my wife and I (Ken & Cris Sandberg) operate an orphanage!
When our staff look through scores of files of parents who want to adopt, we are painfully aware that these good folks all want a child (or two or three) but that we don't have enough children to give one to each of them!

Fact: There is no such thing as an unwanted child!

Fact: Children are a blessing (Psalm 127:3-5), not a punishment (*see below).

Todd and Sarah Palin have urged their teenage daughter Bristol to go ahead and give birth to her baby (due in December) even though she got pregnant before
she was married.
By the way, the father of the child, Levi Johnston, is planning on marrying Bristol and is going to do so willingly, because he loves her, not because Bristol's parents are forcing a 'shotgun' wedding as some in the left-wing media are saying.

*Meanwhile these are Barack Obama's comments when speculating what he would do if the day comes when either of his two daughters similarly get pregnant without being married . . . 'if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby . . .' Source:

Here is the fundamental difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama . . .
Palin sees all children (from the moment of conception) as a blessing! Meanwhile, Obama, even though he does have two beautiful daughters of his own, considers some children (still in the womb and apparently after those same unwanted children are born) as a punishment on those who didn't want them.

Now, consider this . . .
How would you like to have been conceived by an unwed mother and therefore considered to be a punishment to your family or the
world? Jesus' mother was not married to Joseph when she was found to be with child.
If the prevailing philosophy of America today was in place at that time, a man with less character than Joseph might have pressured his girlfriend Mary to have the baby Jesus aborted.
What a disaster that would have been for the world!
I thank God that Joseph and Mary both had the godly character to let the Son of God be born!

In a forum at Saddleback Church in California (August 16, 2008) Pastor Rick Warren asked Barack Obama the question 'At what point does a baby get human
rights in your view?'

Obama's answer: 'Well, I think that whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade.'

What a cop-out!
My question for Senator Obama (and for anyone who is 'pro-choice')--
'If you admit that possibly you are wrong, and possibly the child is a human being before it's born and deserves to be protected, then why would you take the huge risk that possibly you are endorsing the killing of a human being and therefore will stand in judgment for it some day before God?'

Pastor Warren also asked John McCain at that same forum 'At what point is a baby entitled to human rights?
' McCain's response-- 'At the moment of conception. I have a 25-year pro life record in the congress, in the senate. . . and as president of the United States, I will be a pro life president and this presidency will have pro life policies. That's my commitment, that's my commitment to you.'

Awesome answer! Right on!
John McCain and Sarah Palin are on the right side of this life and death issue.

Now, what can you do about all this? . . . Well, I urge all American Christians to vote in November and vote pro-life! Also here's something you can do today (including those who are not American) . . .

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service),
A left-leaning US TV network, has an online poll posted,
asking if Sarah Palin is qualified.
What a crazy question!
Did they ask that about Barack Obama who has even less executive experience than Palin?

Apparently the left wing knew about this poll in advance and are flooding the voting with NO votes.

The poll will be reported on PBS and picked up by mainstream media.

It can influence undecided voters in swing states.

Please do two things -- this takes only 20 seconds.

1) Click on the link here and vote YES!

Here's the link:

2) Then, if you would, please send this to every American McCain-Palin supporter you know, and urge them pass it on and to get out and vote in November.


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