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Friday, January 19, 2007

What are you teaching?

Not sure where I found this but it’s definitely worth taking a minute to think about.

Just what lessons are we showing by our living, walking & talking during this time period?

Our children are in fact watching everything that we do & say even when we’re not aware that they are watching us.

Do they see us making excuses & playing the blame game or do they see us drawing closer to God & leaning upon Him for our understanding rather than what the world says is ok as the easy way out?

Do our children see Agape Love in action in our lives; while we hate the sins loving the sinner unconditionally? Yes Tough Love may have to be applied or we may have to Love from a Distance to avoid the drama & stress but we are to Love regardless; just as God loved us to send His Son to die for our sins while we were yet sinners until we came to salvation to be reconciled to Him we are to Love our Spouses in the same way.

Do our children see us praying to God for our spouses’ salvation?

Do they see us praying for deliverance for our spouses from the sins & the spiritual blindness which they’re in?

Do we continue to bemoan our fate or do we pray for God to open our eyes to the lessons which we are to learn from this time?

Love Your Sister in Christ & Fellow Stander


What are you teaching your children about marriage?

Children learn by example.

They're always learning, not just in school, but in the home.

As a parent, you teach by example.

Your actions; what you do as well as what you say or don’t say when you should speak up, provide your child/children with guidelines for their future relationships.

What kind of example are you providing for your children?

  • Have you taught them that it's okay for daddies to hit mommies or mommies to hit daddies?
  • Have you taught them that lying is okay?
  • Have you taught them that stealing is okay?
  • Have you taught them that getting high on drugs is okay?
  • Have you taught them that getting drunk every day is okay?
  • Have you taught them that driving while drunk or otherwise impaired is okay?
  • Have you taught them that having sex with someone other than the person you married is okay?
  • Have you taught them that it's okay to leave a marriage when you meet someone you'd rather be married to?
  • Have you taught them that it's easier to end a marriage when things go wrong than to stay and try to work things out?
  • Have you taught them that love doesn't last forever and once it's gone, so are you?
  • Have you taught them that they mean nothing to you because your new friends are more important?
  • Have you taught them that it’s ok for other family members to do wrong & not verbally chastise them for their bad behaviors?
  • Have you taught them that “Standing for the Right Thing To Do” doesn’t really apply to your family?
  • Have you taught them that God’s Word really isn’t important or apply in today’s world?
  • Have you taught them that Love is Conditional & only given on certain conditions being met?
  • Have you taught them that it’s ok to do wrong because your spouse is doing wrong?
  • Have you taught them that it’s ok to talk badly about your spouse & their family?
  • Have you taught them that money to spend on fun is more important than paying the bills or the family’s needs?
  • Have you taught them that porn is acceptable or that internet dating is cool even if the profile is a total lie?
  • Have you taught them that being irresponsible is ok & not to care about the consequences of actions?

What your children learn from other sources might surprise you.

  • When was the last time you visited your child's MySpace site? MySpace is incredibly popular with school age children. The sexual content and innuendo on many of the sites is unbelievable considering the ages of most members of the site.
  • Are you aware of what your children are watching on MTV? What they're learning in today's music videos and video games? There's nothing innocent about the videos children are watching. The song lyrics are raw; the images are blatantly sexual or brutally violent.
  • Video games are graphic in their violence and sexual content falls somewhere between soft porn and hardcore sex.
  • What are today's kids are learning by example?
  • When was the last time you talked to your child about sex? If a child is old enough to have a MySpace site or old enough to watch MTV, they're old enough for a discussion about sex. Do you know that most teenagers don't consider oral or anal sex to "really be sex"? Do you know that many young teen girls are having routine and casual oral and anal sex?

What will future generations learn?

Each generation teaches the next.

What your parents taught you, you pass down to your children.

They, in turn, pass down your teachings to their children.

What type of future do you see for your children's children?


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