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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Prayer Request for tonight starting 6pm to 9pm

HI Fellow Standers & Prayer Warriors


I could use some prayers tonight starting around 6pm to around 9pm as I’m heading out for a meeting with Byron later on after he gets out of work at 8:30p & my church service is over;

Byron’s suppose to be meeting me at the church & then we’re suppose to go to a restaurant to eat & go over the agenda which I’m hoping will keep us on track & help get the meeting stay business like


1)    that Byron’s mind, eyes & heart will be open to the discussion which we’re going to be having tonight when he gets out of work – going over “the budget” before his payday

2)   ask God to allow Byron’s able to be civil & have understanding that the finances do need to be properly addressed so that there’s less pressure upon him yet also take care of the household needs – part of me is a bit worried because Byron’s already given me a hard time on the phone when I spoke to him earlier trying to ask him about tonight

3)  Pray that the little sand style timer will help Byron feel better about our discussion as well so that this tool along with the agenda will keep us on track to get things done in an orderly manner with little discomfort for either of us


Thanks for your prayers tonight

Love Your Sister in Christ & Fellow Stander




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