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Friday, June 30, 2006

Update - I can See Clearly Now!

Ok Everyone here’s the good news update!


I just got back from the eye doc & he’s excited with my results so far

I’m 20/25 day after surgery which is very pleasing to him as well as me! (0;}

To be 20/25 after my bad vision is GREAT!

I couldn’t see faces across the table before the surgery!

& he says It’s likely to get a bit better as I heal –

wow even better -  what a concept way more than my expectations


so far so good no wrinkles in the flaps he made & no debris has gotten in my eyes

but I know that’s because I went home yesterday & immediately put on the goggles

then tried to get myself to sleep & stay in bed the entire night


My left eye is still the weaker eye

just that it’s even more noticeable to me than before

He told me how to shop for reading glasses so now I can read the keyboard & puter screen!


Being unable to read was freaking me out more than just a little bit

I mean so much of my life is about reading & writing

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been an avid reader & writer


I went to the Dollar Store & found with some help from the girl there who was stocking shelves glasses that were +1.50 & +1.75 so now I’m able to read the papers & the puter screen & be able to see everything else without glasses!


I was just a bit embarrassed about having to ask the girl to help me to see the glasses

but when I explained what I was looking for she was a great help &

even asked another girl to find me nicer looking ones

after we decided on the correct strength to get (“girlie glasses”)

the 1st couple of pairs were butt ugly but for a buck hey I would’ve bought them

until I could’ve gone to another store with a little bit of cash

but now I don’t need to which makes me feel good –


now what I will have to do is find a nice neck cord to keep them handy when shopping or

if I’m going to be in places where I’m likely to be reading something –

but right now I’m having a blast not having to wear glasses to see the TV


I’ve got one Rx that I’ve got to drop off today & I’ll have Byron pick it up for me

He’s only going to be spending the rest of the money to go drinking anyway

He may as well use it for something proper & worthwhile


Well I’m about to head to the drugstore to drop off my Rx

& then since I’ve got no g-son today to babysit

I’m thinking of heading to the store to scope out where I’ll station myself tomorrow

I’m thinking I’ll go 1st thing in the morning while it’s cooler

Plus hopefully the people will be in a better mood while I fumble thru these questions


Love to you all

Your Sister in Christ & Fellow Stander



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