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Monday, January 09, 2006

PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations : PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations

I'm looking forward to starting the bible book study of the power of a praying wife written by stormie omartian

so far we're a small group but we're slowly growing as more discover us & if this fits you as a wife who's in a difficult marriage or standing feel free to join us as we go thru the study guide & learn how by changing ourselves & working towards a closer walk with God, we'll improve our marriage, our family & ourselves

"Activity within 7 days: 1 New Member - 8 New Messages"


This Power of the Praying Wife Group is for Wives who are Standing for their Marriages & while we wait upon God to bring us to full Restoration

Regardless of whether our husband is in the home but going thru growing pains of MidLife Crisis or out in the Faraway Land as a Prodigal

We'll be Uplifting each other & our Families in prayer while we got thru the Power of the Praying Wife book by Stormie Omartian & the companion studyguide

So grab your bible, your Power of the Praying Wife book & Studyguide & enjoy christain fellowship with other beleiving women who are sharing many of the same problems & confusing emotions which you are going thru - We'll help you to restore your faith while we learn & share

PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations : PowerofthePrayingWife-Restorations


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