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Sunday, January 08, 2006

O my I did it AGAIN - Another Blog!

hhhmmm I wonder if i should blog about my blogging addiction?

I'm beginging to wonder if I have one & if so do they have a bloggers anomous? is my msn spaces blog which I use the most i think is the address to my yahoo 360 i think is my barely used my space blog is the link for this blog i think

i think i have a few more out there which i signed up for but never went back to afterwards, i don't even want to think about how many web pages i've started like that - i'm not sure how easy it is to add pictures so far the easiest blog to add pictures to seems to be msn - someone said that blogger has an audio feature so i can call in updates which will be kinda cool if they do & if i find that to be true then i'll likely use this blog for that feature

it's sooo much easier to just call than to type since i type so slowly & i do enjoy talking more than letter writing - boy what did we do prior to email & blogs? diarys are so boring now compared to this & letters by snail mail yes i did that but have such trouble doing it now


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